Application Requirements

  1. 12 or over 12 year formal academic background, a good mark, a substantial economic background, and diligence are required.
  2. The applicant must have graduated from one of the listed academic institute.Ordinary senior-high schools, Junior college, university and 3 or 4-year technical college
  3. The applicant should be within 5 years since graduation from educational institute last attended

One of the advantages many of our students enjoy is our local presence in Sydney, Australia. Our office and staff are based in the CBD close to many of the institutions that we represent. We often help our students when they first arrive in Australia by collecting them from the airport, assisting with setting up phone cards and banks accounts and ensuring that they settle into their new home. At any time while you are here in Australia and need support, LINK INNOVATIONS is just a short walk or an email or a phone call away.