Link Innovations Other Services Includes

Link’s other services include:

  1. OSHC
  2. Pre-departure Advice
  3. Airport Pickup
  4. Post-departure  Support
  5. Accommodation
  6. Banking Services


Overseas Health Insurance Cover (OSHC) is the health insurance coverage that all international students or permanent residents require before going to Australia. It helps you pay for hospital and medical costs while you are there.

With Link you can acquire your OSHC once you have started Visa application process. Or you can personally download and send your application an official OSHC certificate to use for your visa application.

Pre-departure Advice

Before you leave homeland, there will be certain things you will need to know. Link will help you learn about those things once your Visa arrives. To acquire these advises all you have to do is stay in touch either in person, on phone, via email, Facebook or Skype..

Airport Pickup

To make you feel all the more welcome, a representative from Link Innovations International will greet you at the airport and help you reach your destination once you land in Australia. This can be arranged on request made by the student, prior departure from Nepal.


Post Departure Service

After your arrival in Australia, Link team will be there for your support. In case of any confusion regarding anything, be it travel, education, fee, the new country itself, Link team in Nepal and Australia will be there for your support.


Upon reaching Australia, you will need accommodation immediately. Accommodations in Australia to choose from are hotels, motels, bed and breakfast, serviced apartments, hostels and backpackers.

The most commonly used by students are hostels or serviced apartments. Serviced apartments have around one to three bedrooms with living room, kitchen, bathroom and a laundry area. This is less expensive if you are living with a group. It allows you to cook your own food and save money.

Banking Service

From a banking perspective we provide you with a simple, personal service that helps you   open your Australian bank account(s) up to 12 months before you arrive, so that your finances can move easier than you think.

We understand the unique needs of a migrant and will help you with all your finance requirements. We look forward to being of service to you.