About Link Innovations International


Link Innovations International is the link between you and your exciting future!

Link Innovations is a leading education and migration service institution committed to quality, fairness and excellence. With Head Office in Sydney, Australia, our core domain of works are to provide education, migration and English training services tailored to meet the needs and limitations of a range of our clients. Link Innovations International is legally established under relevant Australian and Nepalese legislation. The organization strictly complies with industry standards, codes of practice and other requirements. We employ a distinctive, client-focused approach to all of its services.

Link Innovations emerged from the need to provide high quality, holistic education and migration services to students, colleges and other organisations so as to maximize access to internationally recognized education and training in Australia and New Zealand. Our service uses established academics, scholars and professionals working in the university and consulting sectors in Australia and overseas.  The team members are experienced and insiders of the Australian and NZ education system having studied lectured and researched there for many years. Who else knows Australian education better than its own practitioners!

Link Innovations activities dovetail with the increasing focus of Australian government policies on education and migration where there is a primary focus on the South Asia including Nepal, India and China.

A whole new world is awaits you in Australia and New Zealand.  Get linked to opportunities in an innovation way!


  • Dr. Krishna K. Shrestha
    Dr. Krishna K. Shrestha Chairman
  • Shiva Shrestha
    Shiva Shrestha Director, Educational Services
  • Bimal Dhakhal
    Bimal Dhakhal Co-ordinator, Student Admissions and Support
  • Saraswoti Shrestha
    Saraswoti Shrestha Marketing Officer
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  • Prabesh Maharjan
    Prabesh Maharjan Executive Director, Nepal
  • Sajani Manandhar
    Sajani Manandhar Education & IELTS Coordinator
  • Raj Kumar Shrestha
    Raj Kumar Shrestha Student Counsellor
  • Deepa Shrestha
    Deepa Shrestha Marketing & Communication Coordinator
  • Reena Karki
    Reena Karki Front Desk Officer